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Local Recruitment Agency in Miami

Partner with The Best Local Agency for Your Business Hiring Needs

Finding the right employees to staff your business is not an easy task. You may have the confidence that the right candidate is out there, but perhaps you are unsure how to recruit and retain them, or you simply do not have the time.

Brickell Personnel, as one of the best work placement agencies, holds the tools for all of your executive and talent placement needs, from the first job posting all the way through to retaining employees that have been successfully placed. We take care of all your staffing requests, giving you the peace of mind that your business recruitment requirements are in the right hands.

Trust in The Local Personnel Experts

With over three decades of experience in placing executives with Miami-based businesses, Brickell Personnel has become a forerunner in the top recruitment and staffing practices in the area. Our proven track record is demonstrated by our awards and countless successful placements that have resulted in satisfied clients, happy employees, and repeat business. Company owners appreciate working with a local boutique agency whose roots are firmly invested in South Florida and especially the Miami-Dade community.

Brickell Personnel has effectively recruited candidates across a full spectrum of industries, including human resources, office support, mortgage, lending, real estate, finance, accounting, legal, administrative, information technology, and more. We hold a broad understanding of businesses in every sector and understand their unique needs.

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As one of South Florida’s top work recruitment agencies, Brickell Personnel remains active participants in our local economy. Our job agency stays up to date on industry trends and major businesses that are moving to the area. Specializing in serving the Miami-Dade County area, we know our market inside and out. Our network of leaders and executives across every sector in the area means that we will never miss an opportunity to scout the right talent for your firm. This, plus the added value of our strong relationships with key businesses in Miami, means that our services are invaluable in placing the right candidates for your firm. When you partner with Brickell Personnel, you can enjoy full satisfaction and assurance in knowing that you are working with one of the best placement agencies in the state.

Align Your Business with an Industry Leader

Labor law is complex and requires more specialization than most companies have the resources for. Our team members are experts in the legal requirements and regulations that are related to hiring employees. Save the headaches and expensive legal fees that can result from poor hiring and human resources practices. It is our job to understand which points are critical and relevant to your company. Brickell Personnel successfully places candidates with your business in the most legally responsible manner.

Work agencies also follow your required protocols and procedures. When it comes to finding and hiring your potential full-time employees, temporary workers, or contractors, we ensure that candidates at all levels are properly in place with your business. Allow our team to handle your hiring and staffing logistics so you can focus on making the right decisions for your company.

Brickell Personnel has worked with small startup companies as well as large, international companies in the Miami-Dade area, providing staffing solutions to organizations of all sizes. Our services are exclusively employer-paid, meaning that companies are in full control of selecting their candidates. We do not receive compensation from any potential employees, and we will never place candidates in front of you for any reason other than that they are well suited for your position. We work for you, the business, and we share the same goals of finding the most qualified talent for your company.

The business of human resources is all about trust and complete confidentiality. Working with Brickell Personnel means that your account will always be treated with the utmost discretion and care. In our work staffing agency, our team is held to the very highest professional standards, so when a company begins working with us, they are guaranteed exceptional service and knowledge to every area of recruiting and hiring staff for their organization.

Human Resources, Simplified

Recruiting and hiring new staff is a big job, one that your business may not have the time or resources to handle full-time. For companies without a large human resources department, managers become responsible for posting jobs, collecting resumes, and sorting through every application received. This takes valuable time away from your business and other income-generating projects that your staff could be focused on instead.

For companies that do employ an internal human resources team, let us save you from coordinating the logistics and administrative management of posting a new position. The early stages of recruitment and hiring can take a staggering amount of time, particularly if there is a large response for a highly sought after position. This is also true if you see a great number of applicants for more entry-level jobs. Our job agency completes all of the initial stages of hiring talent for your firm – including services such as:

  • Seeking qualified candidates both in and outside of the local market
  • Research to identify the most highly qualified candidates
  • Compiling a shortlist of potential candidates for your review

We handle each of these steps in the recruitment process so that you don’t have to. Outsourcing your hiring processes allows your team to focus their efforts elsewhere while we do all the work.

Working with Brickell Personnel ensures the proper placement of employees within your company. Our expertise allows us to deliver only the applicants with just the right qualifications, knowledge, and work experience to your attention.

Brickell Personnel begins with a thorough analysis of the ideal candidate. If you have any specific requests, our local staffing agency is able to take that into account. Let’s say, for example, you want to hire an IT professional who is proficient in HTML and Javascript, and they must have a strong background in software technology. Brickell Personnel is able to search our databases for what you need.

Reduce the chances of hiring unqualified employees by allowing only the best candidates to pass through our meticulous screening process. Brickell Personnel has the uncanny ability to hone in on the most capable talent in the Miami area. We are just as invested in finding the most successful fit as you are.

Cost Saving Benefits

Human resources matters can be costly when they are not handled right the first time around. When companies take hiring practices into their own hands, they are at risk of a high employee turnover rate, which can harm your bottom line. The expenses of hiring and terminating incompatible matches can quickly add up, from expensive severance packages to legal fees, and the costs of constantly re-advertising positions on job posting sites. A revolving door of new hires also means time lost as you get new employees introduced to your organization and trained in their role. Getting new personnel up to speed is not something that an employer wants to do more than once for any given role, and as such, a high turnover rate depletes the assets of your training team and managers and puts added strain on your business.

Putting your staffing needs in the trust of a work placement agency allows your company to save money on human resources expenses in the long run. Rest assured that we will find the right candidate to join your team the first time around. We present you with only the most skilled and experienced employees so that your human resources team or other managers will not need to spend their time reviewing countless resumes of unqualified job-seekers.

Total Staffing Options

Brickell Personnel offers options that provide solutions for businesses of all sizes, and executive placement of all types, making us a full-service recruiter. We are proud to be one of the only local staffing agencies in the Miami area who offer such a broad spectrum of value-added services to our clients. Whether you require ongoing placement services over a longer term or only need one position filled, Brickell Personnel provides for your hiring needs.

Here are the options available for your business:

  • Executive placement
  • Temporary placement
  • Project contract
  • Contract to hire
  • Temp to hire

Our pool of highly qualified temporary candidates is available even at short notice. For example, if you have an unexpected project come up and you cannot spare your current employees for the job, our temp agency will help you select a temporary or contract hire quickly so that you can address the issue. Each one of our temporary staff is carefully screened for the right qualifications and experience your business will require.

From staffing an entirely new division of your business to providing temporary candidates on a single case basis, Brickell Personnel is confident in our ability to facilitate any of your personnel needs. Our range of hiring solutions gives our clients total flexibility in staffing their business, meaning that they are never locked into a long-term contract.

Employee Satisfaction & Retention

While Brickell Personnel is a work staffing agency specializing in providing services to Miami-Dade firms, we also have a vested interest in the satisfaction of the new employees that we place. Potential candidates and employees want equal consideration in in the equation in a process that can seem very focused towards the employer/job agency relationship. We want every placement to be mutually agreeable for both the employer and the employee, and we take every measure to ensure a candidate’s happiness after they have been hired.

The Brickell Personnel goal is not just to match employee’s skills with the right positions, but to ensure a good fit with the organization’s culture and values as well. An executive that is not placed with the right company for their work style and personality will be unhappy shortly after beginning their new role. Dissatisfied new recruits mean a higher risk of turnover or human resources issues, both of which are costly and troublesome for employers to deal with. Instead, we take careful steps to follow up with our recruits to ensure that both employee and employer are fully satisfied.

Solutions For Businesses Of Any Size

You do not need to be an international corporation to enjoy the services of having a full-service recruitment and work staffing agency working for you. Brickell Personnel is proud to work with South Florida and Miami area businesses of all sizes. Our team can find creative hiring solutions for any budget or set of needs.

For all businesses ranging from start-ups to conglomerates, new employees can be highly taxing on companies with single-operator or small human resources departments. With Brickell Personnel, you will not have to worry about your current staff spending their energies on staffing responsibilities with your organization.

Large companies enjoy Brickell Personnel’s long term staffing solutions, and have returned to us again and again for small contracts and executive placement alike. Our relationships with large enterprises allows us to understand their company culture and business model. This way, we can consistently match candidates for them on an ongoing basis.

Total Staffing Solutions for Any Business

Brickell Personnel is proven to handle your business’s employment requirements. Our commitment to your success is demonstrated in our vision statement:

“Brickell Personnel Consultants will meet and exceed the expectations of both clients and candidates by understanding the client’s needs and referring only the most qualified talent that match those needs.”

Our local staffing agency in Miami offers countless advantages to your company.

We offer you the convenience of presenting you with only top-tier candidates and the peace of mind in knowing that your staffing needs are taken care of. We are proud to have successfully established ourselves as a leader in the Miami-Dade business community.

Brickell Personnel is in the business of people, including the company owners we work for, the candidates that we meet, and our own hard working team. If you are a first-time client, contact us today about your staffing needs and we can set up an initial consultation. When we work together, it is a win, win!