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Areas of Expertise

Welcome to Brickell Personnel Consultants, Miami-Dade County’s premier staffing agency since 1979. Over nearly four decades, Brickell Personnel has built a reputation for excellence with the business community of South Florida. We have done so by consistently providing some of the top businesses in the region with only the most talented and productive staff. Many of South Florida’s most high-profile corporate clients work with us consistently due to our strong reputation for matching the right talent with the right business partner.

Brickell Personnel has also cultivated a reputation for excellence because we only work with corporate partners in the Miami-Dade County area. This means we have a long-standing, detailed knowledge of every business partner with whom we place staff. The advantages of working with a local talent agency who knows the region will be apparent to you and your partners immediately, as we know every detail about local markets and the numerous areas of expertise. It would be impossible for a national staffing agency to provide you with the perfect personnel for your company the way we can.

Brickell Personnel is familiar with current market needs as well as how to recruit, evaluate, and refer only the most top-tier professional talent in all of South Florida. Far more than a job bank, we are top-level partners in your business and industry. This is why we have a reputation for exclusivity and top talent. Brickell Personnel is just as committed to the success of your business as we are to our long-standing reputation.

Our areas of expertise

Brickell Personnel offers staffing for dynamic and growing fields. We bring you educated and conscientious people to work with you. We know some of the most successful companies in the most prestige industries in South Florida. In many of the fields below, we consistently recruit from high-ranking graduates of prestigious business programs as well as veteran professionals with many years of achievement specific to their fields. This will enable you to choose the individual that will fit most cohesively with your team, and we will get right to work on sending you the most well-matched candidates. Brickell Personnel can provide you with top-tier staff in any of the following categories:

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  • Corporate banking

Let us help you find ideal candidates for you finance jobs that have the education and proven records in business banking. Experienced in working with sophisticated corporate clients, excellent candidates for corporate banking jobs will be well-versed enough to work in many of the various aspects of this field. The top-tier candidates will send you from Brickell Personnel Consultants will be adaptable to small and mid-sized local business, or multinational conglomerates alike looking for finance recruitment. We provide people with expertise in loans, cash management, lending, trade finances, leases, contracts, factoring, and employer services.

  • Wealth management

We staff high-level professionals with experience and education in a wide variety of wealth management services. These include personnel who specialize in retirement planning, trust, legal or estate planning, philanthropy, trusts, market strategy, risk, or other investment or financial advice for your valued clients. We will match you with wealth managers who are completely attuned to contemporary financial experts and who can help your clients navigate the complex world of their financial dealings smoothly, with holistic approaches to the challenges of high net worth individuals.

  • International banking

When you need banking professionals who have knowledge and experience in the complex spheres of international banking, Brickell Personnel Consultants can help you find candidates in the process of bank job search. We recruit professionals with all of the necessary qualities for excellent banking consulting output, but with the specific experience to help your clients navigate international investments, mortgages, savings accounts, and foreign exchange. The recruits we send you for your staffing needs will be expert in foreign affairs and diverse national laws and requirements, while also being adept in the overall international financial systems.

  • Accounting

Brickell Personnel Consultants can promise you a higher caliber of accounting professionals than you might find anywhere else. We have connections with accountants from large corporations, international firms, or private practices who are looking for new accountant jobs and opportunities. With the certifications your company requires, we also supply accountants with sub-specialty in expertise in audits, financial statement analysis, or common or statutory law. We also recruit accountants who have multiple spheres of accounting practices and experience.

  • Finance

The world of finance is both varied and one that requires employees who truly know their business through both education and experience. Brickell Personnel Consultants supplies your company with professional adept in public, corporate, or personal finance. Our recruits will be experts in financial systems, credit and investment assets. They will be top-level finance professionals with expertise in equity, securities, capital, bonds, dividends, and debt acquisition or management. This level of personnel will be well-versed in finance from both corporate and personal perspectives.

  • Information technology

The number one field any business today can’t do without, no matter large or small, is expert staffing in information technology. Brickell Personnel Consultants, as an IT recruitment agency, constantly recruits technology savvy candidates to meet current demands. From programs, systems management, budgeting or staffing software management, or hardware computer management, we have highly trained professionals with impressive information technology careers, who can fill a necessary slot within your company. In a field that changes so constantly, it is imperative that you are able to interview people with enough sophisticated knowledge in IT jobs to keep you at peak technology.

  • Private banking

Private banking requires banking and finance professionals with specific skill sets for optimal working relationships with your high net worth individual clients. Brickell Personnel Consultants understands the caliber of banking professional you will need – one who is an expert in a larger array of both traditional and alternative investments, and who can work with a client’s entire financial solution. The ideal recruit in private banking will be able to keenly assess the protection and growth of assets, retirement, and wealth maintenance issues within highly skilled personalized service.

  • Commercial banking

Brickell Personnel Consulting prides ourselves on matching the right potential employee to the precise needs of any of our business partners. In the case of commercial banking, we endeavor to recruit the most qualified and experienced banking professionals who are used to working with small businesses, capital, lending practices factors. We will seek excellent candidates with experience in project financing, as well as the housing or construction industries. Professionals in this field will also work with securities, loans, bonds, and non-interest income. Leasing, insurance, treasury, and payments are also vital in this area.

  • Human resources

Brickell Personnel Consultants understands that strong staffing in human resources can become the critical backbone of a powerhouse company. Your experienced and poised staff of HR recruiter will help to screen and train new employees and administer key employee policies from corporate regulations to benefits programs. Regardless of the size of your company and your needs, we can help you fill your HR positions. We find the best people who are looking for careers in human resource management and want to maintain the work that we begin with you in our recruitment relationship. New approaches to staff training and performance are the most surefire ways to both innovation and competitiveness.

  • Real estate banking

Real estate banking professionals can represent a specialized sub-strata of financial employees with specific knowledge of spheres. Real estate banking recruits will be proficient in knowledge of housing and sales. Understanding investments in the real estate market on the local level is indispensable. Brickell Personnel can find you top-tier candidates for your company who understand equity, capital, and underwriting that is commensurate with real estate banking. We will supply you with candidates who know the South Florida market, and all of its shifts, inside and out.

  • Mortgage lender

Like real estate banking, mortgage lending professionals must be informed about the constantly changing situations of their local markets. Loan officers who specialize in financing or refinancing must have excellent sales and communication skills, as well as strong drives to success. As the mortgage industry has become more complex, we can find your talent that has expertise in home mortgages, commercial mortgages, or P2P mortgage loans. The professional database is diversified in all areas of mortgage lending. All the candidates that we recruit for you will come to you with many years of experience and success in the industry.

  • Legal

Like strong human resources or a thriving IT department, we know that your company needs to be legally protected. You may need legal staff in-house to populate a department, or temporary legal advice and consultation. Whatever the need, from contract negotiation to full-time corporate representation, Brickell Personnel can find you the top notch talent for those legal jobs. This could include corporate attorneys, tax attorneys, legal researchers, legal assistant, or paralegals. Additionally, some legal employees work as experts in negotiating the law of your particular industry to minimize any risks for your company.

  • Office support services

Office support staff is a crucial group within your company’s team, no matter the size of your firm. A common mistake that companies make is that they may be putting an employee without the right kind of experience into an office support staff position. Those who use top-tier recruiting services such as ours offers administrative staff who have advanced analytical and logistical skills. We provide you with the highest quality recruits in this field with a proven employment record of ability to outperform and excel in office administration.

  • Administrative

Every company, no matter its size or specialty, depends on upon a core of administrative staff. Brickell Personnel Consultants are experts at finding the right administrative assistant for the short-, medium, long-term, or permanent needs of your business. We will send you only experienced professionals who can jump in successfully to whatever administration jobs needs that you have. They will be conscientious and detail-oriented people who take pride in all aspects of the office environment and surrounding, from correspondence to reception, planning, and organization.

The advantages of using Brickell Personnel Consultants

Brickell Personnel is here to personally meet all of your staffing needs with four decades of experience in servicing South Florida’s top companies. We have a reputation for not just professionalism but excellence with our varied employment services. Brickell Personnel is able to assess your needs and refer only top individuals to meet those needs. In this way, we will provide you with the top matched candidates. We do headhunting for executive placement with only a one-time, first-year percentage fee. We also provide you with market professionals at agreed-upon hourly rates for short-term temporary or permanent personnel needs. Lastly, we can find you temp-to-hire contract candidates, which might be ideal for your staffing needs because this option allows you time to assess a potential candidate before committing to a full contract.

Brickell Personnel considers every partnership or staffing opportunity we undertake a successful one when you, the client, are satisfied and thriving. When you choose to work with Brickell Personnel Consultants, you are entering into a partnership with us. We take the long-term view with our clients – that is, we do not consider the job done until you report back to us that the top-level personnel we have selected and referred to you are fully integrated into your company and contributing to your success.

We use only the most sophisticated standards of research to identify the most qualified candidates. Once we know we have retained a candidate of promise equal to our reputation as premier personnel consultants, we do not stop researching and communicating with our partners until we have made the perfect match. We can’t wait to hear from you and show you what we can do to bring your business the top-tier talent you need to move ahead in the Miami-Dade County market.

Make the call and let’s talk about what our consultants at Brickell Personnel can do for your company today. With a single call, we will schedule a visit with one of our relationship managers who will visit your business, help you assess your goals, and be your point of contact at Brickell Personnel for all of your staffing needs. We would be delighted to hear from you today and start a long-term relationship that will help your business to grow according to all of its needs and potential.