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Since 1979, we have been consistently successful in servicing South Florida’s business community and have earned a reputation for placing top-tier candidates in the industry.

Our commitment to your success is demonstrated in our vision statement:

"Brickell Personnel Consultants, will meet and exceed the expectations of both clients and candidates by understanding the client’s needs and referring only the most qualified talent that match those needs.”


At Brickell Personnel, we use our extensive screening process to match corporate clients in the Miami Dade County to the applicants best suited for them. As an exclusively employer-fee-paid service, we offer recruitment services for companies that desire the ability to harness the benefits of working with local recruitment agencies and connect with the top-tier applicants from the area.

Since 1979, our team has been using our professional recruitment services to connect Florida businesses with the best talent and has built a reputation for being a committed and culturally diverse group of individuals with years of experience in the fields of human resources, marketing, insurance, banking, office administration and sales management. In addition, our President Nidia Torres is a well-known industry leader that has been recognized in various publications including The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald.

Brickell Personnel offers various comprehensive job placement services including:

  • Temp-to-hire
  • · Temporary placement
  • · Executive placement

No matter your recruitment needs, our team can connect you with the best local talent in Miami Dade County to support the unique goals of your company.


Taking advantage of temp-to-hire contracts is a great way for your business to minimize the risks of both short-term and long-term staffing needs. Our team can find the right personnel for you on a contract basis, giving you the flexibility to assess candidate performance before moving forward with regular employment.

Temporary Placement

In situations where regular employment doesn’t benefit your company as a whole, outsourcing a short-term assignment is an ideal choice. Brickell Personnel can find the right market professionals for you that will work at either a fairly negotiated project fee or an hourly rate.

Executive Placement

For businesses looking for qualified employees inside and outside of the local market, our team can help you find the best individuals to suit your business’ unique needs. On a retained search or contingency basis, we will work with you and your goals and charge a one-time fee equal to a predetermined percentage of the hire’s annual compensation.

Our Mission

Our team is committed to using the appropriate recruitment strategies available for locating the best local talent. Located right in the heart of Miami’s financial and business districts, Brickell Personnel is constantly in touch with the south Florida business environment and able to adapt to its shifting dynamics. Using our expertise, we can help you think, define and implement an effective recruitment strategy to locate the talent that you deserve.

Why Use a Staffing Agency?

As a business owner, you might think that you know your business best and choosing your own employees is the most ideal route. However, on top of daily business activities, finding the right short temporary, executive or temp-to-hire candidates can be a huge burden. Deciding on the right individuals requires a great deal of expertise and effort, and as one of the best employment recruitment agencies, we can accomplish this while you focus on other aspects of your business that require your attention.

Experience and Expertise

The right talent doesn’t just come to you – you have to know where to find the workers that suit your business’ needs the best. At Brickell Personnel, we use our knowledge and expertise of the latest research employment trends and markets to find the staff most suited to your business. In addition, we know the best practices of the recruitment process as well as the legalities that come with hiring new employees.

Increased Flexibility

Taking advantage of a staffing firm allows you to take advantage of a contingent workforce that gives you increased flexibility. Using temps that we select from the best candidates, you have complete control to either increase or slow down production as you please. Whether your employees need vacation time or sick leaves, you have a reliable outlet for talented workers that require no long-term commitment. In addition, using these temporary workers means that you don’t have to worry about laying anyone off or downsizing, which fosters a more positive and productive work environment.

The Best Talent

We will work with you to pinpoint your business’ needs and craft a profile for the ideal candidates for the positions that you are seeking to fill. Our team has access to pools of individuals that far surpass those that you have on your own, allowing us access to the most talented and active candidates in the industry that you operate in. Instead of settling with what’s put in front of you, we will ensure that you have the benefit of choosing the most qualified candidates out there.

Reduced Costs

Cutting costs is a goal of any business and using a staffing agency is a great way to accomplish this. With our knowledge of various markets and ability to acquire the best workers, you can increase your productivity by hiring only the best talent, which leads to decreased operational costs and a minimization of downtime.

Risk Reduction

One of the biggest risks in business comes during the hiring process. Hiring the wrong talent for your business means that you lose the time and money that you have invested into these individuals. With our services at Brickell Personnel, you have the flexibility to use temp-to-hire services to test out new employees in order to reduce the risk that comes with hiring someone full-time right off the bat.

Locating the right talent is one of the most essential processes for your business – no matter how good your product and marketing, a staff that doesn’t match this quality will hold it back from its full potential. For businesses looking for reliable recruitment agencies to harness the best recruitment strategies for their goals, our team at Brickell Personnel offers comprehensive recruitment services and possesses an extensive knowledge of the various facets of the business world including office, legal, accounting and retail environments. For more information or further questions about our professionalrecruitment agency, take a look at our contact form here or give us a call at (305) 371-6187.

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